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Um...your friend says in the blog that the *hype* is dead, not that the worlds are dead. Good riddance to the hype (they weren't ready!), but the companies/industry/worlds are still growing at a steady pace.

Kate & Rob Morlock

Listen, I don't know what bee crawled under your bonnet that you felt the need to disparage us. And who the heck is this Eloi fella? I bet he would never take you on a cross-country bicycle adventure...


Thank god, I thought it was me. After the first few guys (I think) hit on "me" I felt creeped out. I could never get why IBM was so infatuated. RIP I hope.

darryl ohrt

I agree with Mr. Vance. Just because it WAS cool, doesn't mean that it IS cool.

So yes, you can cancel your Second Life account, and throw away your low rise boot cut jeans, too.

Book coming in 2009. ;P

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