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Yea, but wait until your out on deployment where there is no sink, tooth brush, etc. then you really need this stuff. If you are traveling and making a 24 hour trip, you can't take a full bottle of toothpaste and everything with you because of the new FCC rules.

Or in a combat zone. Its not like your going to bring a mobile bathroom with you. Are you????

Yes its wasteful but you also have to look under different conditions your in which Colgate wisp can come in handy. Especially in emergency and where there is no oral hygiene available. Remember, tsuamani in japan, new orleans, etc. where are you going to find time for a toothpaste and tooth brush.

Your right, we don't want to be wasteful but in certain times and places we have no choice.

If you want to do something, have them make it bio degradable so its safe for the environment.


I wear Invisalign. I use one per day after my lunch at work before popping my aligners back in. Much better than hauling around a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste...

Thanks Colgate!!


Put a few of these in your "survival bag" along with emergency water, flashlight, food, other essential toiletries, etc. If you have to get evacuated and get out in a hurry you won't have time to run all over the house and remember your toothbrush. Spend the $2 and then forget about it. Probably not what Colgate was thinking when they made these, but maybe something you should think about.

Kate "Bad Breath Ain't So Bad" M.

I saw these in the Target flyer yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes. What the F are they thinking?

Bill Baker

But Dustin - I like pomegranate-flavored Triscuits.

Dustin Sugasa

These clowns wouldn't create these things if they didn't think people would buy them. America needs to take a step back and make things simple again. No more single-use toothbrushes...no more Triscuits in 14 different flavors...etc.

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